Frequently Asked Questions

What can go in my bucket?
You will primarily be putting fruit and vegetable scraps into your bucket, however click here for the full Green Guide. 

What bucket size do I need?
The bucket size you require will depend on your household. We recommend a 5L bucket for a couple and a 15L bucket for 3-5 people. If you do need to change the size of your bucket, let us know and it will be replaced on the next collection day. 

What if my bucket is full before collection day?
If your bucket is full before collection day, contact us and we will arrange a next day pick up. Next day collection is available Monday to Saturday. 

Will my bucket smell?
Your bucket won’t smell whilst the lid is on. However, as to be expected the contents of your bucket may smell when the lid is off. 

How do I pay for my bucket?
Payment is made through direct debit. For more information click here

What if I forget to leave my bucket out?
If you forget to leave your bucket out please contact us and we will arrange a collection. 

What if I need to cancel my payments?
To cancel your payments you are required to notify us at There is no cancellation fee however your bucket subscription will be cancelled after your next scheduled payment. 

I don’t live within your collection area, can I still get a bucket?
If you are out of our collection zone we encourage you to join our waiting list and you will be the first to know when our service is available in your area.

I am moving house, can I still keep my bucket?
If you are moving house please contact us to arrange a relocation. If your new home is outside our collection zone we will cancel your subscription at no charge.